What Every Homeowner Should Know About Sump Pump Installation

Have you been wanting to install a sump pump to help with chronic flooding problems in your basement but you don’t know where to start? This is the perfect time to trust the experts! We will cover all you need to know as a homeowner about sump pumps and how they are installed in this article!

The Basics:

Sump pumps are important tools for homeowners to keep water out of the lowest areas of your basement or crawl space. They prevent flooding by collecting excess moisture in a basin – then when the water level in the basin rises, the pump is triggered to start pumping water outside and away from the foundation.

Who Installs Sump Pumps?

While you can install a sump pump yourself, it is best practice to call a basement expert to ensure it is properly installed. Experts that do this all the time understand underground water issues and know the ins and outs of basements and how to redirect water.

Another bonus is that basement experts can also assess your foundation while they are installing your sump pump and will be able to advise of any needed foundation repairs.

Can a Sump Pump Fail?

There are many factors that could potentially cause issues with a sump pump’s ability to function properly. Let’s take a look at some of the issues you can encounter and how you can fix them yourself:

  1. Water overflow: Sump pumps do have a limit on the amount of water intake they can handle, which has the potential to leave you with a working pump in the middle of a flooded basement. By working with a basement expert in your area, they will be able to make a recommendation for the right size of sump pump for your home. You could also install a second, or back-up, pump which can help when there is an unusually high amount of water.
  2. Inexpensive and Low Quality: Unfortunately, Not all pumps are made alike. When looking to save a buck, homeowners could set themselves up for failure by purchasing a low quality pump for a great price. But in the end, this could cost you greatly. Our experts can recommend a good quality sump pump system that will not break at the first sign of strain. Trust your basement expert by purchasing a quality pump with high-quality components.
  3. Power Outage: Regular sump pumps run on electricity but when the power goes out, as often happens during intense storms, sump pumps running on local electricity will not work. Our Dual Pump Pack® sump pump system keeps working when other systems fail. At Dry Basements, we offer several options for configuring your Dual Pump Pack® with primary and secondary sump pumps, as well as with battery-operated sump pump backup. The sump pump backup ensures that pumps and batteries won’t fail during critical times, such as power failure, heavy storms or flooding.
  4. Clogged Pump: The lines in and out of your sump pump have the potential to clog with debris clogs, which will prevent your pump from functioning efficiently. At Dry Basements we can perform regular maintenance on your sump pump system to ensure that when a flood occurs, you are not left with a faulty sump pump.


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