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Dry Basement® Foundation Repair, serving communities in Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa, specializes in Foundation Repair. Our expertise lies in diagnosing and rectifying foundational issues, ranging from minor cracks to significant structural damage. Utilizing advanced techniques and robust solutions like the HouseHolder® Anchor System, HouseHolder® I/O Bracing System, HouseHolder® Pier System, FloorHolder® System, Foundation Crack Repair and Foundation Replacements, we ensure long-term stability and safety for your home. Our goal is to address foundation problems effectively, preventing future complications and preserving the value of your property.

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair Solutions

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HouseHolder® Anchor System

The HouseHolder® Anchor System is an innovative solution for foundation stabilization, effectively correcting wall displacement and structural weaknesses. This system is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home’s foundation, especially in the case of soil movement and hydrostatic pressure.

  • Provides robust stabilization against soil pressure.
  • Ideal for correcting wall displacement and bulging.
  • Engineered for long-term structural integrity and safety.
  • Minimal impact on the home’s appearance and landscaping.
Photo of a basement after being repaired and protected | HOUSEHOLDER® I/O BRACING SYSTEM | DRY BASEMENT®

HouseHolder® I/O Bracing System

The HouseHolder® I/O Bracing System, designed by our expert Structural Engineers, stands as the market’s premier solution for internal wall reinforcement. Its unique twin box beam design effectively counters the pressures of expansive soils and hydrostatic forces, guaranteeing unparalleled wall stability.

  • Advanced design to withstand expansive soils and water pressure.
  • Integral for maintaining structural integrity against inward wall movement.
  • Ensures safety while optimizing internal space.

HouseHolder® Pier System

Our HouseHolder® Pier System addresses foundation settlement issues by offering deep, stable support. This system prevents further sinking and helps level the foundation, ensuring lasting stability and preventing potential damage to the structure above.

  • Targets and rectifies foundation settlement problems.
  • Deep-earth anchoring for solid, unwavering support.
  • Essential in preventing further sinking of the foundation.
  • Provides a long-term solution to foundation instability.

Support Post and Beam Replacement or Repair

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair expertly addresses the essential role of support posts and beams in your home’s structural integrity. We specialize in the precise repair or replacement of these critical elements—including support posts, footings, and center support I-beams, whether steel or wood. Our focus is on correcting wear and tear, countering age-related deterioration, or enhancing stability, ensuring your home’s structural backbone is robust and secure.

  • Comprehensive assessment and repair or replacement of support posts and beams.
  • Tailored solutions for both steel and wood support structures.
  • Ensures the long-term stability and safety of your home’s central structure.
  • Utilizes the latest techniques and materials for durable, reliable support.
  • Service available for both crawl spaces and basements, ensuring a unified approach to foundational health.
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FloorHolder® System

The FloorHolder® System specializes in leveling sagging floors, offering a critical solution to underlying foundation issues. By providing targeted support, this system helps restore and maintain your home’s structural integrity, ensuring safety and comfort.

  • Effectively levels sagging or uneven floors.
  • Addresses the root cause of floor instability.
  • Acts as a key component in overall home structural health
  • Quick and efficient installation with lasting results.
Photo of significant white brick damage to the corner of a house that is in need of foundation repair | DRY BASEMENT®

Foundation Crack Repair

At Dry Basement® Foundation Repair, we provide comprehensive solutions for foundation cracks. Utilizing advanced poly and epoxy pressure injection techniques, we effectively seal cracks to prevent water intrusion and further damage. For areas requiring additional support, our carbon fiber stitching method involves adding a carbon fiber material across the crack and securing it with epoxy every foot along the entire length of the crack. These methods ensure not only the repair of existing cracks but also significantly enhance the structural integrity of your foundation.

  • Poly and epoxy pressure injection for effective crack sealing.
  • Carbon fiber stitching for additional structural support across cracks.
  • Advanced techniques ensure long-lasting repair and prevention of water intrusion.
  • Tailored to enhance the foundation’s structural integrity.
Photo of house exterior showing the foundation bricks separating and causing the electric meter to bend | DRY BASEMENT®

Foundation Replacements (exclusive to Missouri and Iowa)

 Recognizing the critical need for robust solutions in cases of severe damage, Dry Basement® Foundation Repair offers both full and partial foundation replacements. Our services encompass concrete, block, or stone wall replacements or repairs, tailored to the unique needs of your home. The process begins with the removal of the existing damaged walls, followed by the replacement of footings if necessary, and culminates in the installation of new walls. This comprehensive approach ensures your home’s foundation is restored to its optimal condition, providing stability and safety for years to come.

  • Full or partial replacements tailored for concrete, block, or stone.
  • Meticulous removal of damaged walls for site preparation.
  • Footings replaced as needed for enhanced stability.
  • Restores home’s foundation to optimal condition, ensuring safety and durability.

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