Do you have cracks in your driveway or porch? Are your front steps uneven and seem a little dangerous? It may seem that every time you look at the concrete around your home, you get a sinking feeling in your stomach wondering how you will fix this? What if we told you that there is a solution for your concrete problems that doesn’t involve demotion, concrete, or heavy demo equipment?

At Dry Basements, we utilize a process called Foamjection to level and repair concrete. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative and creative process that will save you time, money, and a headache when it comes to repairing the concrete at your home.

What is concrete lifting?

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete. Concrete raising can usually be done for less than half the cost of pouring new concrete. Polyurethane concrete raising achieves the same results as traditional mudjacking, but with a lightweight material that requires smaller and fewer injection holes. 

What is the process?

The first step is to drill strategically placed injection holes the concrete that requires lifting. Dry Basement’s ® polyurethane foam is then injected as a two-part liquid beneath the slab, infiltrating all air spaces to fill voids, then the foam expands to raise the concrete to the correct level. Finally, we fill the drilled holes to ensure an impeccable finish.

What is the difference between foam jacking and mudjacking?

While foam jacking injects an expandable foam, mudjacking utilizes a concrete slurry that is sand-based and infused with cement. Mudjacking material weighs on average 100 lbs per cubic foot, while polyurethane weighs 2-4 pounds per cubic foot making polyurethane material much less likely to overburden unstable soil. Additionally, foam jacking uses expanding materials while the concrete slurry tends to dry and shrink which provides the circumstances for recreating voids and leaving you with unsupported, settled and/or broken concrete which will need to be re-lifted or demolished and replaced in the future. Polyurethane foam hits every part under a concrete slab, creating a perfect cushion for the concrete to rest on and no more room for water infiltration. Polyurethane will put a lot less stress on the sub-grade soil under the concrete because of its lighter weight, ending up in an overall better application than mud-jacking.

While polyurethane material is more expensive than mud-jacking material the cost is 100% worth it for a longer lasting and more stable result. Our Poly-Jack foam material is different from the rest.  It is made from over 40% recycled materials that is specially engineered for raising, leveling and stabilizing concrete.  It is the “greenest” polyurethane foam on the market.

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