Prevent April Showers from Flooding Your Basement

If only May flowers was the only thing that came from April Showers. But, unfortunately April showers can also cause damaged flooding in your home and basement if you do not take the necessary steps needed to waterproof your basement.

Here are the 5 ways the experts at Dry Basement can ensure that your basement stays dry and you can look forward to enjoying the May flowers. 

1. Sump Pump

At Dry Basement we can install the Dual Pump Pack® sump pump system. This is an advanced systems that continues to work when other systems fail. There are several options for configuring a Dual Pump Pack®. You can install both primary and secondary sump pumps to keep your basement dry. We also recommend the installation of a battery backup in case your power goes out during the heavy rain storm. 

2. No Water System®

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair focuses on removing and controlling water to avoid water pressure buildup. It starts with our patented No Water System®. This system ensures that the problem water from outside and inside your basement walls does not enter your basement. The No Water System® works on all types of foundations and is designed to prevent radon from entering the basement through the wall-floor joint.

3. Waterproofing Panels

Our WallShield® panels are used to complement our No Water System® for basement waterproofing. They form a watertight barrier to keep the moisture from seeping into basement walls. These panels are mold resistant and even fire retardant, and also create an additional radon barrier. The WallShield® panels are made with post-consumer plastic and joined by connectors. The panels will re-direct any water attempting to come into your home by directing  water into the No Water System®, keeping your basement clean and dry.

4. WindowDrain®

Another way that rain water can enter into your basement is through your basement windows. The Dry Basement solution to this problem is to install the WindowDrain® system. This system can be used on it’s own but is most efficient if paired with WallShield® panels. A window drain will direct excess water and away from your home. Without the WindowDrain® system, a heavy downpour will have nowhere to go but inside the walls of your basement. 

5. Dehumidifying System

The final line of defense against April showers damaging your basement with moisture is the installation of a dehumidifying system. To keep basement air clean and fresh, Dry Basement® offers the SantaFe® Filtration System. This is a high-efficiency air filtration and dehumidifying system. For basements, we recommend the Santa Fe® – Classic. This model:

  • Dries the air in basements up to 2,600 square feet, finished or unfinished.
  • Removes up to 400% more moisture than an average crawl space dehumidifier, without using any more energy.
  • Automatically empties collected water into the sub-floor drainage system or down an existing drain. If a gravity drain isn’t available, a condensate pump can be installed to remove the water. Either way, there’s no pan for you to empty.
  • Can be installed in an unfinished area and ducted to a finished area.
  • Uses a two-stage filter: a rinse-clean filter for removing large particles, and an easily replaceable filter that removes mold and dust particles down to 2 microns.
  • Makes your heater and air conditioner work more efficiently, since drier air is easier and less expensive to heat and cool.


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While waterproofing your basement, we suggest that you take a look at our Basement Magic remodeling systems to see how Dry Basement® can transform your basement.

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