Do you know what type of foundation your home has? There are three primary foundation types and each comes with its own potential and unique issues.  It is important to be aware of the type of foundation your home is sitting on so you can be on the watch for potential problems.


Slab Foundations

The slab foundation is the most basic for building structures.   If your home sits close to the ground on what just looks like a solid slab of concrete, it has a slab foundation. These are prized because of their simplicity. You have less room for problems and it is excellent at weight distribution to limit settling on unstable soils.


Potential Slab Foundation Problems

Raised Foundations

Also referred to as pier and beam foundations, raised foundations sit raised up slightly from the ground with piers holding up your flooring. Not enough to be dug into the ground far enough to have another room, but often enough room for a crawlspace. You will see these in areas that have the potential for flooding since it does raise the home up a bit.

blankPotential Raised Foundation Problems


Basement Foundations

The basement is more common in homes in our area. It turns out building your foundation inside the ground can be problematic as well as wildly more expensive to repair compared to other alternatives.


Potential Basement Foundation Problems

If your foundation, no matter what type you have, is showing problems we can help. For over forty-five years we have been the foundation repair experts near you.

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