When you have unlevel slabs of concrete, what is the best solution? First, let’s get an understanding of the options.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a traditional process that has been around since the early 1900s. The process is done by drilling holes into the concrete and filling the void space underneath with a mud slurry. Once the void is filled, hydraulic pressure builds up, leveling the lowered concrete. The holes are then patched up with a concrete mortar.

What is Polyjacking?

Also referred to as poly lifting, foam jacking, or poly leveling, poly jacking uses polyurethane foam to level uneven concrete slabs. It is similar to Mudjacking in that holes are drilled into the concrete and the foam material fills the void underneath, level the concrete. It is a more modern way to level your concrete.

Although the processes are similar, there are a number of differences.

Benefits of Polyjacking Compared to Mudjacking

Mudjacking is a messy process that can still leave your concrete susceptible to the elements. Meaning you are likely going to have your concrete lifted over and over again. Poly lifting has a number of benefits when compared to mudjacking, such as:

  1. Smaller drill holes
  2. Quick curing
  3. Addresses the underlying issue of stability
  4. Less intrusive
  5. Cleaner
  6. Lasts longer
  7. Environmentally friendly

Dry Basement’s® Poly Jacking

When compared to concrete replacement, the process of raising concrete with Dry Basement’s® polyurethane foam is inexpensive. It is also exponentially faster than replacing concrete and repaired areas are ready within minutes to be used.

Our Poly-Jack foam material is different from the rest. It is made from over 40% recycled materials that are specially engineered for raising, leveling, and stabilizing concrete. It is the “greenest” polyurethane foam on the market.

Do you have unlevel, unstable concrete slabs that could use concrete repair? Contact Dry Basement® today to find out more about why Polyjacking is the right choice!