You may not know it, but your crawl space influences your entire home! A neglected crawl space can cause you, as a homeowner, a lot of grief. Prioritizing the encapsulation of your crawl space will allow for a dry, clean, mold and pest free crawl space.

The positive effects can even be felt soon after you encapsulate and insulate your crawl space: cleaner and odor-free air in your home, elimination of cold drafts from the floor in the wintertime and decreased humidity during the summer.

We have found the most significant change can be felt in your wallet. Unlike a home that is built on a slab, or even over a basement, crawl spaces are seldom conditioned. This allows energy to leak out, driving your utility bills up. According to the Department of Energy up to 40% of energy loss can be contributed to air infiltration. When you encapsulate and insulate your crawl space, it allows your house to be more energy-efficient, typically with energy savings of 15-20%!

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Works:

First comes DryShield® Crawl Space Liner, an encapsulation system that covers the dirt floor and foundation walls in your crawl space. All of the seams are sealed, creating an impenetrable barrier against moisture.

This system:

The second part of the Dry Basement® crawl space solution is the SantaFe® Air Filtration System. This is a high-efficiency crawl space dehumidifier and air filtration system. For crawl spaces, we recommend the Santa Fe® – Advanced II.

This low-profile device:

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