Did you recently notice the paint cracking on a wall in your home? It might just be a cosmetic issue, but don’t be too quick to slap more paint on it and call it good.

Cracked paint may actually signal a much deeper issue—foundation damage.

But how exactly do you tell the difference? We’re here to give you a few tips!

Warning Signs of Foundation Damage or Settlement

A paint crack on its own may not be a big deal, but if it shares one or more of the following characteristics, you could have a much larger foundation problem on your hands.

  1. Jagged cracks at an angle. Specifically, cracks at a 45 degree is a telltale sign that the sheetrock is splitting due to a shifting foundation.
  2. Cracks adjacent to windows and doors. These are often mistaken for cosmetic issues because of their tendency to be small, but again, typically indicate foundation damage.
  3. Vertical cracks from the top of a door to your ceiling are also suggestive to foundation issues.
  4. Flooring cracks like vinyl or ceramic tile over a concrete floor.
  5. Patterns of cracks or multiple cracks, such as angled cracks beginning in each of four corners of a wall.

It’s also important to notice that if doors being jamming or windows start sticking, those are also telling signs of foundation problems.

Is It More Than a Cosmetic Crack?

At the end of the day, the best way to know if your home has foundation problems is to contact a professional foundation repair company. If it is a serious foundation crack, its best to get it repairs right away to avoid further damage! It could become much worse and more expensive to fix.

Contact the professionals at Dry Basement® Foundation Repair for a free inspection and evaluation. Our estimators have been trained and certified by licensed structural engineers.

They will talk with you, examine your foundation, and develop the best configuration to repair your foundation and permanently solve your foundation problem. We’ll include a written summary and cost estimate for fixing the problem.