As the ground and soil move, so do our foundations. Foundation settlement is normal, and to be expected, for any house five to ten years after construction. However, if the settlement becomes uneven, differential foundation cracks can form. That can allow water to leak into your basement and it could also be an indication of structural problems.

Cracks in your foundation can be worrisome, but which ones require immediate attention? Dry Basement® Foundation Repair can give you the answers you need!

Types of Foundation Cracks

1. Vertical Foundation Cracks

2. Horizontal Foundation Cracks

3. Diagonal Foundation Cracks

4. Stair Step Foundation Cracks in block walls

Do you have cracks in your foundation walls or floors? Is your house shifting or settling? Dry Basement® Foundation Repair can make your home safe and stable. Contact us today. With locations in Kansas City, Des Moines, Wichita and Columbia, we are ready to help with any foundation cracks.