Even the most structurally sound homes can experience cracks in walls over time. Cracks in the walls are often unsightly and unwelcomed, but they can also be signs of foundation settlement. The longer they are left the worse they can become.

But what exactly causes the foundation cracks to happen in the first place? Well, it could be a number of things.

1. Too much moisture.

2. Weather changes.

3. Settling.

4. Bearing too much weight.

5. Poor drywall installation.

Often, cracks in the interior walls of a home are nothing to lose sleep over. However, if you notice any of these signs, you may need foundation repair:

If you notice any cracks in your walls, it’s best to contact a professional to ascertain if it’s serious or not. If it is a serious foundation crack, its best to get it repairs right away to avoid further the damage! It could become much worse and more expensive to fix.

Contact the professionals at Dry Basement® Foundation Repair for a free inspection and evaluation. Our estimators have been trained and certified by licensed structural engineers. They will talk with you, examine your foundation, and develop the best configuration to repair your foundation and permanently solve your foundation problem. We’ll include a written summary and cost estimate for fixing the problem.