If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation or on the brick exterior of your home, it may indicate that you have at least one of the many conditions that signal a foundation problem. Floor cracks, wall fissures and a leaning chimney can also mean trouble. Over time your structure may experience foundation movement due to a variety of conditions. When that happens, your foundation can shift and develop differential settlement which can become a very serious concern. Contracting soils, as well as inclement weather, are most often the cause of the problem.

While it’s normal for a foundation to subside and develop hairline cracks in the first 2-5 years following construction, cracks in brick exteriors or concrete and block walls of your basement could indicate that your house may be experiencing more than an acceptable amount of settling. These types of fractures are regarded as being more serious because they can indicate that the perimeter of your house foundation is under a lot of stress.

There are also other types of fractures that warrant closer examination such as stair-step cracks in brick exteriors. These fissures typically appear near the corner of exteriors and run up and down.

Have you ever wondered if the foundation can be made level again and  if cracks and foundation damage can truly be “put back together”?  Wonder no more! In many cases that can be done.  Dry Basement ® Foundation Repair recently completed a job in the Kansas City area and shot a short video showing the repair.