Does Every House Need a Sump Pump?

To answer this question, it is important to first understand the purpose and function of a sump pump. Essentially, it is a pump that you would install in the lowest part of your basement to remove any water that would accumulate. Typically, it is installed within a sump pit. When flooding would occur it would lead into the sump pit via a drain or natural water migration, after which the sump pump would pump the water out of the pit and away from the basement leaving it dry.

Knowing this information leads us back to the question; does every house need a sump pump? If your home is located in a flat or low-lying region that is more susceptible to being saturated by rain and melting snow then it is highly recommended. Although there are multiple waterproofing Systems available to a homeowner installing a sump pump is one of the most effective for controlling excessive water buildup. The equipment also provides additional benefits such as:

  • Adds to property value.
  • Helps enhance the structural integrity of the home’s foundation.
  • Has the ability to eliminate moisture permeating in your basement which in turn can quickly breed mold and mildew.
  • Can help prevent termite and insect infestation.
  • Can help hinder the rust and corrosion of metal appliances, furnishings, and structures.

If you are a homeowner who does not have or does not foresee your basement flooding it is still good to consider installing a sump pump for your home. For instance, if your basement is used for storage then having a sump pump alongside other water proofing methods will help protect your possessions. So, to answer the question: Yes, specifically to individuals who own homes in more susceptible areas. For those who are not at as much risk for water damage we still say yes! The cost of prevention versus the cost associated with water damage may be too much to handle. In the end being without a sump pump is not worth the risk.

Questions about a Sump Pump?

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