Why Winter is the Best Time for Foundation Crack Repair

When you think about getting work done on your home, you don’t typically think to do it in the dead of winter, that is unless it becomes an emergency. But, did you know that cold weather actually makes your home’s the foundation a little more stable which allows for identifying foundation damage easier. Winter may seem like an odd time to have foundation repair done as the ground is a lot colder than other parts of the year. However, the soil is more stable and the problem probably isn’t getting worse.

If you suspect your home has structural issues, don’t wait to schedule home foundation repairs just because it is cold out. One of the top causes of foundation damage is the expansion and contraction of soil due to weather conditions, which means that winter is the most ideal time of year to schedule your basement repair work.

Let’s take a look at the effect of weather changes in all four seasons has on your home’s foundation:


We all know the popular saying about April showers. With spring comes rain which can result in excessive moisture in the soil around your home that is a common cause of foundation problems. This means that you should continually monitor your foundation and soil in the springtime, especially after heavy rain. If you have a serious structural problem, it’s best to repair it immediately.


With the extreme heat and humidity that accompanies the Summers month, the soil around your home foundation can lose its moisture and contract. This occurrence can result in cracks and other types of foundation damage, which you will want to keep an eye on and make repairs if there appears to be structural damage. 


When fall comes around and temperatures begin to drop, condensation increases. This can be a time where the damage that started over the summer become more prevalent.


While many may think this time of year is too cold for foundation work, winter home foundation repair is ideal for many circumstances. Lower temperatures are great for the soil’s stability, making it a preferable time to work on a home foundation. You also are not experiencing weather conditions like the other seasons that are making foundation damage worse which means you aren’t contending with new damage while fixing existing foundation repair.

In the end the best time for foundation repair is now. If your home is showing signs of foundation damage, don’t waste another day waiting to have it repaired. The longer you wait, the more time and money it is going to take to make the repairs, as the damage is only going to get worse.

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