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If a home is built with the yard sloping toward the foundation, or if the boundary lines for the property are sloped downward toward the home, water will seep down the hills and pool up next to the foundation. When this happens, the moisture will eventually seep into the soil, and it will ultimately find its way into the basement. Water is known for always finding the path of least resistance, and this is precisely what it will do.

Reasons Why You Need to Fix Wet Basement Problems

Water is able to get into the basement over the top of the foundation, through leaking wall or floor cracks, through the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor), or through leaking basement windows with clogged well drains. Regardless of how it gets into a home, it's going to cause problems. Moisture here can be detrimental to the structural integrity of a home, and it can cause wooden materials to rot. This includes support beams, floor joists, staircases, banisters, and any other kind of wooden material that may be found here.

This rotting wood can also be very inviting to unwanted critters, such as termites, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, snakes, rats, mice, and other pests nobody wants taking up residence below their homes. This decaying wood will also make a home smell very bad, in addition to the musty odor produced from the mold growth which will surely arise when moisture problems aren't taken care of in this area of the home.

Mold needs three things to live - water, humidity, and organic materials. When it has these things, it will live, flourish, and release spores up and into the air. These spores eventually make their way into the living areas of the home, and they can make individuals of all ages very sick.

Re-Grading and Downspout Extensions

Our team of certified waterproofing professionals will come to your Kansas City home, check for sloping issues, then come up with a plan of action for getting your problems taken care of. This may mean the lawn needs to be re-graded, or it could mean that you need downspout extensions to take care of water pooling up by the foundation because of a gutter-related problem. Dry Basement® Foundation Repair's experts will be able to get to the bottom of the situation and ensure that you won't need to deal with water accumulating on your lawn or in your basement again.

Dry Basement® Coverage

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair serves the major areas of Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. Each office has a unique location that provides foundation repair and basement waterproofing services in certain areas within each of the states. Please find your location on the map and follow up to the appropriate office by clicking the buttons bellow.

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Yard And Drainage in Maryville, MO
You made us happy. Good job guys. I would hope you could budget more for ads, especially in the wet season for small communities and small areas. We need help on our basements too.
Alicia S. - Maryville, MO 64468
Yard & Drainage in Smithville, MO

The men worked at the problem, and were courteous when I asked questions. They cleaned very good.

Katherine Y. - Smithville, MO 64089
Drainage Solutions in Holden, MO

Having worked on other people's property for over 40 years, I was disappointed that my yard wasn't repaired better.

Tracy B. - Holden, MO 64040