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Foundation Settlement

HouseHolder® Piering System

The unique soil conditions in the Kansas City and surrounding area causes many homes and structures to experience vertical settlement. In order to stop the sinking of a structure we utilize our patented HouseHolder® Piering System. Once installed, these piers that are driven into the earth unto support strata ensure no further settlement will occur.

Why Structures Settle?

Construction begins with excavation of the land in order to build the base or foundation of any structure. There are 3 main foundation types: full basements, crawl spaces, and slab on grade. Full basements and crawl spaces are most common in Missouri and Kansas. Overtime most all structures have natural settlement.

The severity of the settlement depends upon what type of soil was on the site as well as how thorough the builder prepared the land to handle a home or buildings weight.

Clay or plastic soils allow for a lot of expansion and contraction and over time movement is quite common. When virgin (untouched) soil is excavated and then back filled after a foundation is put in place it takes a long time for the soil to become very compacted again.

7 Signs of Foundation Failure

Here are some simple tips that allow you to identify if you need to get a professional opinion regarding your foundation. It's best to address any problem as soon as you observe the warning signs - this will help you to avoid further damage by addressing the issue immediately.

cracked wall
1. Cracks, crumbling or wall separation

Look for hairline fractures or cracks - these can be either vertical, horizontal or in a zigzag pattern. If the concrete is crumbling or you observe evidence of moisture stains

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drywall crack
2. Dry wall or ceiling cracks

If you see cracks in the walls and ceiling of the interior of your home this may be due to settlement.

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mortar joint separation
3. Mortar Joint Separation

On brick structures any vertical movement often leaves visible cracks in the mortar joints between the bricks.

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separation around garage door
4. Separation around garage, windows, doors

Often vertical foundation settlement is seen by observing the building with gaps between the doors, windows, garage door.

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unbalanced window
5. Windows Won't Open and Close

If your windows are hard to open or close or unbalanced in the track this is a common symptom of a bigger foundation issue.

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leaning chimney
6. Chimney Leaning

A chimney moving away from a homes exterior is a common thing that homeowners see when experiencing foundation failure.

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uneven floor
7. Floors in are uneven

Often floors with become uneven or creak when settlement has happened.

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Although it takes professionally trained foundation experts to fix any settlement problem, it is something that can be done. Since 1975, Dry Basement® has repaired over 40,000 homes and commercial buildings. We are an A+ rated contractor from the Better Business Bureau. The first step is to call us and get a FREE foundation inspection. We'll put in writing any issues we find and if required we'll include a written summary and cost estimate to fix the problem. We have on-staff professional engineers who know exactly how to calculate properly the necessary number of piers needed to ensure any work done is done right.

Give us a call today to setup an appointment.

Common Problems

In the basement Wall Cracks Floor Cracks Bowing, Leaning Walls Upstairs Doors and Windows Stick Wall or Ceiling Cracks Gap Under Baseboards Uneven Floors Outside Cracks in Bricks Sinking Concrete Leaning Chimney

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