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Foundation Wall Cracks

Foundation Wall Cracks Kansas City

Often times, wall cracks which are in a "stair-step" pattern could indicate lateral or vertical movement of the foundation wall. A lot of homeowners may choose to ignore the problem in hopes that it doesn't get any worse, or because they think they are the only ones who will notice it. Unfortunately, homeowners don't understand that this is not a structural problem that should be ignored. It could indicate a more serious, underlying problem, such as foundation settlement or the onset of a bowing wall.

Wall cracks can form at the top of a foundation wall, sometimes next to a window or door, and they can extend outward vertically, horizontally, or in an offset pattern as is seen in the image above. These cracks can start out small, or they could appear very large in a quick amount of time. Given time, if they are not treated, they can start to let water seep into the home. This can cause a variety of problems in a basement, including wood rot and mold growth.

Regardless of how minor or severe they may look, they will need to be taken care of quickly before they get worse and cause more damage. If the problem is caused by foundation settlement, then it's because there are voids underneath your home where the soil was not properly compacted, or it could be from the use of improper building techniques or materials during the time when the home was being constructed. This can be fixed through the use of our patented piering system. If the problem is caused by a bowing wall, then it is a result of excess hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. This can be taken care of with our patented anchor system.

Our team of structural evaluators will inspect the crack(s) and determine their depth and severity. Once looked at thoroughly, the structural experts will come up with an effective solution to the problem.

Our solutions

HouseHolder® Anchor System (click here)
With these elements–strength, custom design by structural engineers, and expert installation–you can be sure that the HouseHolder® Anchor System will permanently stop buckling, bowing or leaning walls.

HouseHolder® Pier System (click here)
Driven to load-bearing strata or bedrock. The massive HouseHolder® bracket cradles the footing, its friction plate prevents the bracket from slipping, and our thick wall pier pipe supports your home with rock-solid strength.

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