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Leaning Chimney

Leaning Chimney

More times than not, a tilting or leaning chimney on a home is caused from foundation settlement, or from excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding a home. The settlement is caused by poorly compacted fill soil around the foundation, or it could be caused by tree roots in the ground or from an unseasonably wet spring or winter. The significant pressure in the soil is caused from earth that absorbs a lot of moisture whenever it rains, or when there is melting snow on the property. When the soil expands, it puts a great amount of hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls, eventually causing them to lean, bow, or tilt into the home.

When a home has either of these two foundation problems, it is going to become very evident. On the outside of the home, cracks may appear in the brickwork, concrete slabs may start to become uneven. Inside of the home, cracks may be seen on walls or ceilings, doors and windows might no longer open or close like they used to, gaps may appear in the area where the baseboard meets the wall, and certain areas or floors in the home may feel like they are no longer level. In the basement, a homeowner may notice cracks on the walls or floors, or they may even see one or more walls actually bowing into the home. Given time, if left untreated, a settlement or water problem in the soil can lead to even more serious damage in and around the property.

Depending on what kind of problem your foundation is experiencing, it will determine which kind of solution will be best for you. During your consultation, a trained structural evaluator from our team will come to your home to assess the damage to your chimney. He will be able to help you better understand the cause of the problem, and he will walk you through the repair process using either our patented piering system or our wall anchors.

Our solutions

HouseHolder® Pier System (click here)
Driven to load-bearing strata or bedrock. The massive HouseHolder® bracket cradles the footing, its friction plate prevents the bracket from slipping, and our thick wall pier pipe supports your home with rock-solid strength.

HouseHolder® Anchor System (click here)
With these elements–strength, custom design by structural engineers, and expert installation–you can be sure that the HouseHolder® Anchor System will permanently stop buckling, bowing or leaning walls.

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