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Gaps Under Baseboards

Baseboard Gaps Kansas City

When a homeowner notices space forming between the baseboard and floor, this is a good indication that the home is settling too quickly. Some amount of settlement with a concrete foundation is considered normal. However, when the sinking and settling occur too quickly, or in too severe of a degree, it could result in noticeable problems in the home. Other issues seen in sinking homes are windows and doors that are stuck, cracks forming on walls or ceilings, or noticeable sinking seen on the foundation walls inside or outside of the home.

Settlement is a problem that is not uncommon on homes in this area. It can be a result of a variety of factors. If the home was built using improper materials or techniques, it could be attributable to a sinking foundation. Also, if the soil around the home was not properly compacted during the construction process, it could also cause problems. Other issues leading to the settlement are excessive moisture in the soil, causing it to become soft and unable to support the weight of the home. Also, tree roots and growth of vegetation in the earth could cause one or more sides of the foundation to sink into voids in the soil.

In addition to the settlement, this issue could also be caused by pressure from moisture in the soil surrounding a foundation. When the earth expands because of moisture in the soil, it can put a lot of pressure on basement walls, causing them to bow, lean, and not be in the upright position they should be in. This can cause floors on the upper levels of the home to experience issues, as well, since they do not have a strong foundation wall to support them.

Along with noticing gaps under baseboards, a homeowner may also notice that the floors in these areas of the room may seem like they are no longer level. This is likely because they aren't the same level they were when the home was finished being built. Our solution to the problem involves the installation of foundation piers or wall anchors, depending on whether the issue was caused by excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home, or if it was caused by settlement.

Our solutions

HouseHolder® Pier System (click here)
Driven to load-bearing strata or bedrock. The massive HouseHolder® bracket cradles the footing, its friction plate prevents the bracket from slipping, and our thick wall pier pipe supports your home with rock-solid strength.

HouseHolder® Anchor System (click here)
With these elements–strength, custom design by structural engineers, and expert installation–you can be sure that the HouseHolder® Anchor System will permanently stop buckling, bowing or leaning walls.

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