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Basement Floor Cracks

Basement Floor Cracks Kansas City

Floor cracks or basement floors that are not level could be an indication of foundation settlement, especially if the cracks are seen developing in one specific direction or if one section of the concrete seems like it is deeper in the soil than others around it. The settlement is a common structural problem that is caused by gaps in the soil underneath and around a home. This happens when the soil isn't properly compacted when a foundation is being built. Also, the problem could be caused by improper building techniques or materials being used at the time when the home was being constructed.

Cracks in the basement floor could seem small at first, but given time, they will grow to be much larger and deeper. If the problem is not taken care of, a rising and falling water table around and under the home when it rains could eventually push water up and through the crack(s). This will cause serious damage to the basement environment, and it can lead to severe structural integrity issues for the home, as well as dangerous mold or bacteria growth, and even wood rot.

Unlevel floors in this area of the home are also issues that need to be taken care of immediately before they get worse. As mentioned above, voids below a home are going to cause a lot of problems, and over time, one area of a concrete slab may actually start to sink further and further into the earth.

If a homeowner has any intentions of ever finishing their basement, or if they are planning on selling it in the near future, the cracks will need to be properly taken care of. Also, the underlying cause of the problem will need to be addressed so that additional structural issues don't come surface in the future.

To take care of this common problem, our FloorHolder® system can be installed quickly and by a team of trained professionals from our team. It will take care of all types of floor cracks, both horizontal or vertical.

Our solutions

FloorHolder® System (click here)
Supports your basement floor and eliminates sagging. Heavy wall pipe is driven to load-bearing strata or bedrock, and the floor is supported by our unique bracket system. In most cases, we can lift sagging portions of your floor so that you have a level surface suitable for laying tile or carpet.

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