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Bowed Walls

This is a common foundation problem seen on all types of homes, both old and new. It is a result of the soil conditions around a home. If the soil is very absorbent - i.e. clay soil - it will absorb a lot of moisture whenever it rains, or when there is melting snow on the property. As the earth takes in the moisture, it swells up. This can put a significant amount of pressure (hydrostatic pressure) on the basement walls. Over time, the wall will not be able to overcome the pressure, and it will eventually start to lean or bow into the basement environment. While this can be alarming to a homeowner, total foundation wall replacement is no longer the only viable solution to the bowed wall problem.

If left untreated for too long, this leaning wall may actually collapse into the home. This will cause serious issues for a home's structural integrity, and it may even cause the property to be labeled as uninhabitable. This situation can be avoided through proper foundation repair by a team of trained, seasoned experts.

Along with proving to be aesthetically-unpleasing in the basement environment, whether it is finished or not, these leaning walls can also trigger cracks to form on the wall surfaces. These cracks can be vertical or horizontal and given time, they will grow to be larger and deeper. If these cracks are not taken care of, they will eventually let water seep into the basement environment because of a rising and falling water table around the home when it rains and lead to a need for basement waterproofing.

Homeowners can have us come to their property and inspect the bowing wall. We will determine how much damage has been done, and we will also be able to walk you through the repair process using our patented anchor system. The anchors are driven deep within the earth in stable, load-bearing strata, and a plate is installed inside the home on the damaged wall. The two are connected with a metal rod that can be tightened as time passes to add the required lateral pressure needed to combat that of the hydrostatic pressure in the soil being exerted on the foundation wall.

Bowed Wall Repair Kansas City Bowed wall due to foundation problem

Our solutions

HouseHolder® Anchor System (click here)
With these elements–strength, custom design by structural engineers, and expert installation–you can be sure that the HouseHolder® Anchor System will permanently stop buckling, bowing or leaning walls.

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