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Leaking wall cracks

Leaking Basement Wall CracksFoundations that are made from concrete materials will naturally cure and shrink over time. When this happens, it can lead to the development of wall cracks. They may be horizontal, vertical, or could show up in a stair-step pattern. The cracks may be deep or shallow, short or long. However, regardless of what the crack looks like, it needs to be inspected by a certified waterproofing professional. If the crack doesn't pose any kind of problem for the structural integrity of a home, it still needs to be fixed and sealed off properly so that it doesn't ever let water seepage into the home.

When a wall crack leaks, it is going to cause water to trickle down the wall. This can lead to the formation of ugly stains, and if left untreated, mold and mildew can start to grow in these areas. Over time, the moisture will also make its way to the floor and it could lay stagnant in puddles. This water will damage anything in its path, and it can cause serious problems for the structural integrity of a home when it starts to damage wooden support beams, floor joists, and other materials made out of wood underneath the home.

Our team of certified waterproofing professionals offer a variety of waterproofing products that can quickly and easily be installed to take care of this common basement problem. We can provide you with special sump pumps designed exclusively for a basement environment, as well as drains, and other systems that have proven to be effective at stopping moisture from getting inside the home and causing issues.

Our solutions

No Water System® (click here)
The result of decades of practical experience, specialized research, and professional engineering. The No Water System® will leave you with a dry and usable basement while offering many benefits that you will not find with any other basement waterproofing company's system.

Dual Pump Pack® (click here)
The Dual Pump Pack® consists of two, cast iron, high quality AC pumps. If the primary pump fails, the secondary pump takes over automatically. This take-over process will set off an alarm to let you know that the primary pump will have to be replaced.

WallShield® (click here)
Not only protects your basement walls from water leakage, it moves the water down into our system where it is supposed to be. Consisting of panels joined together by connectors, WallShield® is completely airtight, watertight, mold resistant and even fire retardant.

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Bridget S. - Independence, MO 64050
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We were confused about the wall products. We thought the wall would be a smooth wall.

Chris R. - Holt, MO 64048
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Art and Gene from Dry Basement® were both very professional and thorough. They were quick and with cleaning up my flooded basement.
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