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Leaking mortar joints

Leaking mortar joints

This is a problem that is commonly seen in older homes. When a home is built with a block or masonry brick foundation, it has mortar joints. Over time, these mortar joints can weaken, become very brittle, and they may even start to crumble away and leave small openings in the wall. Water always finds the path of least resistance, and when it comes in contact with these small holes in the mortar, it's going to get inside and make its way into the basement environment. Once here, it will seep down the walls, and it can cause ugly water damage and stains to form. Once the water reaches the floor, it may start to puddle up, or it could ruin whatever may be stored here in this area of the home.

Water in the basement is never a good thing, and it can lead to a variety of serious problems. Moisture here can cause wooden materials to rot, warp, and decay. This includes support beams, floor joists, staircases, banisters, and more. This can endanger the structural integrity of a home and eventually make it uninhabitable if untreated for too long. All of this rotting wood is also attractive to unwanted pests, such as termites, mosquitoes, roaches, snakes, mice, and so on.

We offer a variety of products to help with taking care of leaks underneath a home, and we also offer products which will help to prevent the water from getting inside in the first place. Read on to learn more about our No Water System®, sump pumps, and wall protection products.

Our solutions

No Water System® (click here)
The result of decades of practical experience, specialized research, and professional engineering. The Dry Basement® - No Water System® will leave you with a dry and usable basement while offering many benefits that you will not find with any other basement waterproofing company's system.

Dual Pump Pack® (click here)
The Dual Pump Pack® consists of two, cast iron, high quality AC pumps. If the primary pump fails, the secondary pump takes over automatically. This takeover process will set off an alarm to let you know that the primary pump will have to be replaced.

WallShield® (click here)
Not only protects your basement walls from water leakage, it moves the water down into our system where it’s supposed to be. Consisting of panels joined together by connectors, WallShield® is completely airtight, watertight, mold resistant and even fire retardant.

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