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Homeowner replaces failed wall tie-back anchors with HouseHolder® Anchor System (HHAS)

Failed Grip-Tite wall anchor

The owner of this ranch home outside of Kansas City, Missouri found that his basement walls were still bowed, cracked and moving inward even after he had a contractor install an inferior wall anchor system. The contractor had also installed a drain mat system to alleviate water seepage into the basement. However, the contractor installed the drain mat backwards and it was useless.

The homeowner called the previous installation contractors to see if they would stand behind their product and remedy the further lateral movement but that contractor is no longer in business.

The flimsy steel anchors (pictured) failed to stand up to the expansive clay soils and do the job of stopping the lateral movement of the basement walls of this house. A job the HouseHolder® Anchor System (HHAS) was made to do.

Failed wall anchor

Therefore, the homeowner called Dry Basement® Foundation Repair to fix his sliding foundation. Dry Basement® Foundation Repair excavated around the walls, removed the previously installed restraints and installed the HouseHolder® Anchor System (HHAS).

Our expert installation crew was able to straighten the basement walls and stabilize the entire house. Unlike the rod and exterior plate system, The HouseHolder® System employs a massive concrete anchor buried outside the foundation which is tied to large steel braces inside the basement. Thanks to the expert engineering and sheer mass of the HouseHolder® Anchor System, this home will not have any further lateral movement and the basement walls are straightened.

Best of all, the homeowner can rest assured that with Dry Basement® Foundation Repair, he’s chosen a foundation repair company with over 40 years of experience that will stand behind it’s work, products, and warranty.

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The job was completed faster than we expected. 

Ricardo M - KCMO, MO 64133
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The crew was excellent who fixed my sinking foundation. This was something I thought was going to cost a fortune, but you all made it affordable.

Tom L. - Leawood, KS 66206
Foundation Repair in Lees Summit, MO
The crew was excellent and arrived to our home on time. We had a structural problem at our house that was going on for far too long. Dry Basement® recommended having their foundation repair system installed and we know this will fix the issue for good.
Ted And Mary Anne A. - Lees Summit, MO 64064