Is Your Home in Need of Foundation Repair?

Photo of a house with red roof. A crack is running from the peak to the bottom and bandages are crossed over the crack | Is Your Home in Need of Foundation Repair?

Your home is more than just four walls; it’s the place where cherished memories are made, and your family’s safety and comfort are paramount. One of the fundamental aspects of a safe and sturdy home is a solid foundation. Over time, however, even the most well-constructed foundations can develop issues that require attention. Below we will explore signs that indicate your home might be in need of foundation repair and why addressing these problems promptly is crucial.

Solid Ground: A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing Foundation Problems

Photo of a cracked/crumbling grey brick foundation.

Your home’s foundation is its literal base and one of the most critical components. A strong foundation ensures the structural integrity of your house. Unfortunately, foundation problems are not uncommon, and they can lead to costly and dangerous issues if left unaddressed. Below is a guide for you to follow when you encounter problems with your home’s foundation.

Why Winter is the Best Time for Foundation Crack Repair

When you think about getting work done on your home, you don’t typically think to do it in the dead of winter, that is unless it becomes an emergency. But, did you know that cold weather actually makes your home’s the foundation a little more stable which allows for identifying foundation damage easier. Winter may […]

6 Reasons to Hire a Local Foundation Repair Company

When you need to find a professional to perform foundation repair and basement waterproofing, where do you start? Instead of choosing the top selection on a google search that is probably a large corporation that has spent a lot of money to be the first on your search list, you may want to consider a […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Making Needed Foundation Repairs

There are many benefits to owning a home, but it also comes with responsibilities. From renovating your space or maintaining the property – there is much more work than you might be initially aware of before purchasing your first house. While some maintenance may be minor, such as cleaning the gutters or mowing the lawn, […]

Foundation Types and Common Problems That Come With Them

Do you know what type of foundation your home has? There are three primary foundation types and each comes with its own potential and unique issues.  It is important to be aware of the type of foundation your home is sitting on so you can be on the watch for potential problems. Slab Foundations The slab […]

How Foundation Problems Can Cause Roof Damage

The foundation is an essential part of your home. It supports everything else—floors, walls, windows, doorways, and the roof. So, when you are dealing with foundation issues, countless other problems can occur. In particular, roof and foundation problems tend to go hand in hand. When the foundation moves, so does your roof—and dealing with a […]

Foundation Repair in the Winter

Winter months often bring frigid temperatures, snow and ice. However, have you ever considered the ramifications this changing weather has on your home? During the spring and summer months is when most people think about making home renovations, doing yard work, and consider foundation repair. Yet, a lot is happening to homes, more specifically the […]

Waterproofing Your Foundation in the Winter

If you want to hold off on waterproofing your foundation in the spring because of winter weather, we have good news for you. Basement waterproofing can be done year-round. With the frozen ground, it is easy to think your basement has no need for waterproofing when in reality, it is open to leaking and water […]

Leaning Chimneys and Your Foundation

Temperatures are cooling and that means fall is upon us with winter right around the corner. It is the perfect time to start using your home’s fireplace to keep you warm on those chilly nights. But, before you light that first fire, check to see if your chimney is leaning or tilting. If it is, […]