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Our Better-Than-Lifetime Guarantee®

We all know that a guarantee is only as good as the company which stands behind it. Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and services. We recommend that you ask this question, "Whose lifetime would that be? The homeowner's? The company's?" The Better Business Bureau cautions consumers to question so called "lifetime" guarantees.

Many companies have moved to Kansas City, repaired foundation problems and offered a "lifetime guarantee" only to go out of business within a few years. When a company closes down, the homeowner's guarantee is worthless. Foundation and engineering experts agree that the most responsible practice is to guarantee a system with a verifiable track of reliable, effective operating systems.

At Dry Basement®, we offer a Better-Than-Lifetime-Guarantee®. Systems that we have installed in 1975 are still in operation today. These systems continue to provide our customers with reliable and effective foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions. Your estimator will explain why you can rely on our guarantee.